We service all interior and exterior painting needs through our professional painting services


We service residential homeowner and commercial property owners who wanting to renovate their premises through our professional renovation services.


We serve the insurance industry through our professional restoration services.


We provide kitchen and bathroom work from tear-out to installation.

Whether you are needing a new kitchen because of restoration work covered by insurance claims, or you are wanting to renovate an existing property, Krave Contracting is here for you.

  • Installation of new cabinetry and counters, including granite countertops.
  • Laying of new flooring (hardwood, laminate, carpet, vinyl planking).
  • Installing new kitchens and bathrooms into revenue propeties.
  • Installation of bathtubs, showers, sinks, vanities, mirrors, towel hangers and more.
  • Once installation is complete, our partner plumber will be happy to finish off all necessary work.

Krave Contracting offers "start-to-finish" service:

  • Tear out old.
  • Intall new.
  • Haul away.
  • Krave Constracting is a one-stop service provider looking after all your contracting and renovation needs.

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