We service all interior and exterior painting needs through our professional painting services


We service residential homeowner and commercial property owners who wanting to renovate their premises through our professional renovation services.


We serve the insurance industry through our professional restoration services.

Demolition & Tear-Out

Whether you require a restoration project covered by insurance, or a home renovation of any size, call Krave Contracting!

In order to ensure the best quality work when involved in a demolition project, our professionals do everything by hand - no heavy machinery to accidentally cause irreversible damage. We employ full-time labourers who know exactly what to do!

  • Kitchen/bathroom tear-outs.
  • Complete demolition right down to the studs.
  • Carpet/tile tear-out.
  • Wall tear-out.
  • We remove all old material from your premises.
Krave Constracting is a one-stop service provider looking after all your contracting and renovation needs.

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